Kilchoman Independent Releases and Blended Malts

Independend Releases 
SMWS 129.1 – A smoky, peachy, yoghurt of loveliness28.06.2006July 201260,2%6 yoRefill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead
SMWS 129.2 – Humbugs in a horse´s nose-bag13.12.2007201261,6%First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
SMWS 129.3 – Unwind and set your watch to Islay time12.09.2008201360,2%First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
SMWS 129.4 – Peat smoke infused peach posset19.06.200959,2%First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
SMWS 129.5 – Some like it hot!July 2009201459,2%First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
SMWS 129.6 – Peated candy06.11.200858,9%First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
SMWS 129.7 – An artist in an antique boat29.06.2010201564,5%
Elements of Islay – Kh159,7%5 yo
Single Cask Nation – Jewish Whisky Company378/200701.11.2007July 201258,4%4 yo
Master of Malt Single Cask Series127/200820.03.200821.11.201359,6%5 yo
That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Batch 1201355,5%

Blended Malts
Spirit of Unity – Uniting Spirit for Japan [Charity Blended Malt]18.05.201146,0%Kilchoman Bourbon Barrel No. 95/2006
Big Peat – “All Islay” Blended Malt Scotch Whisky [Small Batch, Christmas 2016]201654,6%
Great Islay Swim “Explorers Cask” [Single Cask Nation – Jewish Whisky Company]201757,5%Part of a 10 yo Kilchoman Bourbon Barrel
KilchArd – Two distilleries, two casks202050,0%Ardnamurchan PX Sherry Cask No. 532 & Kilchoman Bourbon Barrel No. 424