Kilchoman is one of currently nine producing whisky distilleries on the Scottish Hebridean island of Islay. Whisky lovers all over the world associate the name Islay primarily with heavily peaty whiskies. For friends of this type of whisky, including the makers of this website, Islay is literally whisky heaven. Every year tens of thousands of whisky fans visit the island and its distilleries to sample their favourite drops on the spot.

The Kilchoman distillery is one of the youngest on the island. When it went into production in 2005 it was the first new whisky distillery on Islay in 124 years. With this distillery, founder Anthony Wills wanted to continue the concept of a farm distillery, as it had been common in Scotland for centuries, where the surplus of barley from a farm was distilled into whisky during the winter months and thus “preserved”. Under the slogan “from barley to bottle”, Kilchoman implemented a concept that is still unique in Scotland today, in which all the production steps from growing the barley on the farm, malting, kilning, mashing, fermentation, distilling, storage and bottling are carried out on site. From day one, a visitor centre and café also attracted visitors who were able to follow Kilchoman’s rapid development into a popular and successful distillery.

The makers of the Kilchomania website have followed this development from the very beginning and quickly became fans of this distillery, “Kilchomaniacs”, because of the unique quality of the whisky and the way things are handled at Kilchoman. With this website we want to share our knowledge about Kilchoman and our enthusiasm for this whisky with other whisky lovers.

What can the user find on our site? A regularly updated News page provides information about all the news concerning the distillery and its whiskies, the Timeline traces the history of Kilchoman since its planning, and the Distillery page presents Kilchoman in words and pictures. The Taste Guide page introduces the world of the various Kilchoman whiskies. The Releases page offers a reliable database of all bottlings so far, from the general and limited releases to the small batches and the many single cask releases.

We are very interested in the feedback of the visitors of kilchomania.com. Beyond praise and criticism it would be nice if you could inform us of any information concerning Kilchoman that you could not find on our site, news or missing bottlings. Maybe you are a whisky fan and would like to become an employee of this site? Please write to us at mail@kilchomania.com.

And now: have fun!