New Kilchoman Series “The Sister Casks – A Maturation Journey” for Germany announced

To mark its 50th anniversary, German Kilchoman importer Hanseatische Weinhandelsgesellschaft Bremen has now announced “The Sister Casks – A Maturation Journey”, a new series of Kilchoman single cask bottlings. The six releases consist of three pairs of “sister cask bottlings”, i.e. two casks that were filled on the same day and then stored side by side in the Kilchoman warehouses […]

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Kilchoman 8 yo Single Cask 947/2015 for Mizunara, Hong Kong (Sado – The Harmony)

The last two Kilchoman single cask releases for the spirits shop Mizunara from Hong Kong were already dedicated to the Japanese tea ceremony “Sado”. The bottling of cask no. 767/2011, released in early 2020, was dedicated to the host of the tea ceremony (“Sado – The Host”), while the bottling of cask no. 129/2013, released in early 2022, was dedicated […]

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New Small Batch Relese “Triskele Casks – Italian Exclusive 2023/1” released

After the Netherlands and Sweden, a Triskele Casks release has now also appeared in Italy at the end of the year. Triskele Casks is the new name introduced this year for the Kilchoman Small Batch series. The Celtic symbol of the Triskele, which is known to adorn every Kilchoman bottle as a logo, symbolises, among other things, the unity of […]

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