Official Launch of Kilchoman Batch Strength Release announced

Kilchoman has now announced the official market launch of a new globally distributed bottling – the Batch Strength Release – for 25 March. Kilchoman founder Anthony Wills has spoken on several occasions in the past of his vision to make a Kilchoman cask strength bottling permanently available to whisky lovers. These plans are now being realised in the form of the third Kilchoman General Release, the Batch Strength Release.

As the name suggests, the future bottling will be done in individual batches, which will differ slightly in their composition. Batch numbers will be printed on the back of the bottles, the labels will otherwise have a standardised design. The batches will always be bottled at 57%. This is why Kilchoman consistently, albeit somewhat unusually, refers to the bottling not as Cask Strength Release but as Batch Strength Release.

Around 20% charred wine casks (initially STR casks, but possibly also normal red wine casks in the future), around 10-15% sherry casks and 65-70% ex-bourbon casks will be used for the batches. In contrast to the other two Kilchoman General Releases of similar age Machir Bay and Sanaig, where a consistency of the individual batches is at least aimed for, the Batch Strength Release in the future – also due to the different availability of suitable casks – should differ quite subtly. We can be curious!

This year’s Kilchoman European Tour, which starts on 26 March, will focus on the new Batch Strength Release, and an exclusive tour batch will be available to purchase at the events in the 20 countries visited.