Kilchoman Sanaig Launched Worldwide

Kilchoman distillery has now announced that its sherry cask-influenced NAS malt Sanaig, named after an inlet north west of the distillery, will join Machir Bay as the distillery´s core range.

Sanaig has a heavy oloroso cask influence in contrast to the predominantly ex-Bourbon cask-matured Machir Bay. Both continuously matured oloroso sherry casks – namely the smaller sherry hogsheads – and bourbon casks that received a sherry finish are used.

To highlight the different sherry-bourbon cask influence of its two main expressions, the redesigned packaging will now feature a “cask influence bar”, which indicates a sherry cask influence of approx. 10% for the Machir Bay and approx. 70% for the Sanaig. At 3-5 years, Sanaig has the same age range of the casks used as Machir Bay.

“Kilchoman Sanaig” was initially launched in 2015 in France, Germany, Belgium and Holland, but will now be rolled out across all the brand’s markets, including the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Taiwan, Russia and Poland.

Anthony Wills said: Sanaig represents another significant step forward for Kilchoman; it is important to be able to offer customers consistently available releases. Until now Machir Bay has been performing that leading role, Sanaig will now share the spotlight.”

John MacLellan, Kilchoman Distillery Manager: Sanaig is a bold marriage of sherry and bourbon cask maturation.  It is both a continuation of the classic Kilchoman style people know and love as well as a development fans of Kilchoman have yet to experience.”