Kilchoman 5 yo 100% Islay PX Sherry Cask 317/2015 (The Wills Family Cask Collection: James Wills)

Cask No.: 317/2015

Cask type: PX Sherry Hogshead

Distillation Date: 25.5.2015

Bottling Date: 28.8.2020

Age: 5 yo

Strength: 58,7 % abv

Phenol level: approx. 20 ppm

Number of bottles: 287

Bottle volume: 0,7 l

Market: France


In September 2020, the well-known French spirits retailer and Kilchoman importer “La Maison du Whisky” launched an exclusive range of 5 Kilchoman single cask bottlings under the name “The Wills Family Cask Collection”. The concept behind the series was that each of the five members of the Kilchoman owner family would choose a special cask. The result was a series of truly outstanding bottlings.

James Wills, second son of Kathy and Anthony Wills, chose one of the still rare PX Sherry full maturation. The 100% Islay whisky has been matured in a PX Sherry Hogshead for over 5 years.

James wrote: “This cask encapsulates the quality of Kilchoman at a relatively young age. The rich syrupy influence of the Pedro Ximenez sherry perfectly complements the floral sweetness and farmyard flavours of our 100% Islay spirit. The light peat smoke comes in towards to finish to add a depth of character that spans from light to rich and floral to earthy.”