Kilchoman Mezcal Single Cask Finish 742/2013 for Kensington Wine Market

Cask No: 742/2013

Cask type: Bourbon Barrel, Mezcal Cask Finish

Distillation Date: 18.10.2013

Bottling Date: 13.8.2021

Age: 7 yo

Strength: 55,2 % abv

Phenol level: 50 ppm

Bottle volume: 0,7 l / 0,05 l

Number of bottles: 199 (0,7 l)

Market: Canada


The very active Canadian wine and spirits merchant Kensington Wine Market from Calgary released the first Kilchoman Mezcal Cask Finish bottling for Canada in December 2021. This was already the 10th Kilchoman Single Cask Release by Kensington Wine Market (counting the bottling initiated and distributed by KWM for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, even the eleventh).

Kensington Wine Market also had 0.05 l miniature bottles of this Kilchoman whisky bottled and used them for the KWM Christmas Whisky Calendar 2021.


Miniatur bottle for the KWM Whisky Calendar 2021. Pictures by Kensington Wine Market