First delivery of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels arrived

Kilchoman Distillery announced today that a first shipment of 210 fresh bourbon barrels has arrived from Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, USA. This will cover approximately 12 weeks of barrel requirements

Having previously sourced bourbon barrels and hogsheads from Speyside cooperage, Kilchoman has now succeeded in securing the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery from Kentucky as a Bourbon barrel supplier through the mediation of the very well-connected Dr James Swan. In future, the aim is to use only bourbon barrels from this distillery, which will be filled a maximum of twice. This should not only ensure the high quality of the barrels used, but also maximise the consistency of the cask material. The sherry casks (butts and hogsheads) are also sourced exclusively from Bodega Miguel Martin, Jerez in Spain.