Four New Kilchoman Single Cask Releases for LMDW

Once a year, the French spirits dealer and Kilchoman importer La Maison Du Whisky publishes a catalogue of exclusive LMDW bottlings of whisky, rum and other spirits that is always outstanding in scope and content. This year it has the motto “Antipodes”. LMDW writes about it:

Our latest collection, Antipodes, pays tribute to contrasts and opposites through spirits sourced from across the globe. It brings together very young blends and extremely old and rare vintages, historic producers and craft distilleries, iconic ranges and niche brands, little-known categories and highly anticipated bottlings… We have taken pride in showcasing the duality found in styles and profiles — peated and unpeated versions, cask strength and reduced-strength bottlings, sherry and bourbon cask maturation, fresh cane juice and molasses — playing on the infinite nuances and pairings offered by spirits’ broad palette of aromas.

Among the numerous spirits bottled exclusively for LMDW, there are also four new Kilchoman bottlings, just like last year. Besides a nearly 12-year-old 100% Islay Bourbon Barrel and a nearly 11-year-old “normal” Bourbon Barrel, the third and fourth bottlings are likely to attract the most interest. For the first time, Kilchoman lovers can taste a full maturation in rum and cognac casks. Previous Kilchoman bottlings of these cask types were exclusively finishings.


Here is an overview of the 4 bottlings:

  • Kilchoman 11 yo 100% Islay Bourbon Matured Single Cask 495/2010
    16.09.2010 6.8.2022, 52,5 %, 224 bottles, € 163,63
  • Kilchoman 10 yo Fresh Bourbon Barrel Single Cask 701/2011
    11.11.2011 – 6.8.2022, 55,8 %, 237 bottles, € 153,71
  • Kilchoman 6 yo Rum Matured Single Cask 181/2016
    09.03.2016 – 6.8.2022, 59,1 %, 252 bottles, € 133,88
  • Kilchoman 5 yo Cognac Matured Single Cask 268/2017
    29.03.2017 – 6.8.2022, 58,4 %, 368 bottles, € 133,88