Spirit Run Live Tasting announced

Kilchoman today announced a very special online tasting for 27 August from 7pm Islay time: a Spirit Run Tasting. Distillery Founder Anthony Wills and Production Manager Robin Bignal will be giving an insight into the inner workings of the still house, explaining on the basis of different samples collected during the second distillation the different flavours and aromas that are present as the spirit run changes and develops over time, from 5 minutes to 90 minutes.  Known as the ‘heart of the run’, many have never tasted the huge difference in character between the start and end of the hearts.

A unique opportunity for whisky fans to experience the development of the aromas during the distillation process.

The Tasting Packs, which as always can be purchased online on the Kilchoman homepage, contain the following samples:

  • 5 min – 74% abv
  • 25 min – 72% abv
  • 45 min – 69% abv
  • 90 min – 65,5% abv


Picture by Kilchoman Distillery