Timeline 2008

  • May 15: a new Kilchoman Distillery website is launched that day.
  • May 29: at the Kilchoman Open Day of Fèis Ile 2008, Dr. James Swan presents a Spirit Tasting with New Make, a one-year-old and a two-year-old Kilchoman.
  • September 2: in autumn 2008 Kilchoman will be attending the following whisky fairs. Visitors will have the opportunity of tasting Kilchoman new spirit, as well as the oldest Kilchoman, 2 years old. 
    • Whisky Live, Paris – 20 to 22 September
    • Stockholm Beer and Whisky Fair – 25 to 27 September
    • Leiden Whisky Fair, The Netherlands – 14 to 16 November
  • September 26: Kilchoman announces that the barley harvest at Rockside Farm a couple of weeks ago has yielded 100 tonnes. The weather was dry and breezy during the harvest, resulting in a barley moisture content of 16-18%.
  • The annual production is 91,000 lpa.