2019/07/16 – New product line presented: Small Batch Releases

In a press release today, Kilchoman presented its new product line of “Small Batch Releases for Selected Markets”, the No. 1 for Germany was already delivered a few days ago.

Priced between the General Releases (Machir Bay and Sanaig) and the annual Limited Releases (such as Loch Gorm, 100% Islay etc.), this new range is designed to strengthen the national markets and offer each country a special taste variant.

The basis of the small batch releases is an Machir Bay Vatting with 95% Bourbon / 5% Sherry and 46% alcohol strength – i.e. what has been offered as “Machir Bay Collaborative Vatting 5% Sherry” since last year for different regional retailers. This vatting is then married to a special cask.

For the “Germany Small Batch No. 1” the additional cask is a Port Hogshead. The shares are stated as 70% Bourbon, 5% Sherry and 25% Port. The alcohol strength is 48.9%, the edition is 2520 bottles.

Already announced for July 2019 is the “Netherlands Small Batch No. 1” with 85% Bourbon, 5% Sherry and 10% PX. In the course of the year there will be a “Belgium Small Batch No. 1” with 25% STR cask content. The already published “Finland Small Batch No. 1” differs slightly from the above pattern. In this case a normal collaborative vatting with 80% bourbon and 20% sherry without additional barrel content. (550 bottles, 46% abv)

The various small batches will therefore allow the Kilchoman enthusiast to experience the notes familiar from Machir Bay, such as yellow fruit, citrus and peat smoke, in combination with aromas from other barrels. We are curious!



One of the two bulk containers from which the “Germany Small Batch No. 1” was bottled. Photo by Hans-Peter Neumann