Loch Gruinart now exclusively at Marks & Spencer in the new M&S Collection

Major UK retailer Marks & Spencer has now launched a new range of exclusive spirits and liqueurs. The new spirits collection, which includes six spirits and two Irish cream liqueurs, has been developed by M&S in collaboration with well-known distilleries such as Warner’s, Glenfarclas, Kilchoman and the renowned cognac house Hine. The selected spirits and liqueurs are sold by Marks & Spencer in the usual original design, but are recognisable as Marks & Spencer exclusive products thanks to an M&S label on the bottles.

The Spirits includes a vodka made by Royal Mash from oversized Jersey Royal potatoes, an Old Tom gin from Northamptonshire-based Warner’s Distillery, a Bajan rum from one of the best rum distilleries in the Caribbean, a fine Champagne VSPO cognac from Hine, an Islay malt whisky from the Kilchoman distillery and a ten-year-old Glenfarclas Highland single malt. Two Irish cream liqueurs complete the range.

Kilchoman has added the Loch Gruinart whisky to the range. This first supermarket whisky from the distillery had been sold exclusively in French supermarkets since 2020. The packaging and label of the new UK-exclusive variant have been given a completely new and very appealing design.

Otherwise, however, everything remained the same. The information about the whisky on the bottle and the box is still extremely vague, which is completely untypical for Kilchoman, but typical for a supermarket spirit. The buyer only learns that the whisky has been matured in both European and American oak casks. The age is not stated and the alcohol strength is 46%.
As you could read on Kilchomania.com earlier, the less than 5 year old whisky is a vatting from predominantly bourbon barrels with a little sherry influence from both Oloroso and PX casks. It is sold at Marks & Spencer for a mere £35.00.

The Kilchoman sales and marketing team are to be congratulated on having found such a strong distribution partner. And Jenny Rea, Head of Product Development for Spirits and Liqueurs at M&S Food, has certainly shown good judgement in choosing Glenfarclas and Kilchoman in particular. On the other hand, one can only hope that buyers will use the simplest of Kilchoman whiskies as the starting point, rather than the end point, for further engagement with the brand. There are so many more complex (and of course more expensive) Kilchoman whiskies to discover!

Cask types: Ex-Bourbon Barrels, Oloroso & PX Sherry Casks

Age: NAS

Bottling: from September 2023

Strength: 46,0% abv

Phenol level: 50 ppm

Bottle volume: 0,7 l

Bottle Codes:
LGT 13.09.23 23/142
LGT 14.09.23 23/142
LGT 15.09.23 23/142

Barcode: M 2937 0160 S

Distribution: UK, Marks & Spencer exclusive