Kilchoman Genesis – Harvest, Stage 1

Cask type: 70 % Bourbon Barrels / 10 % Oloroso Sherry Casks / 20 % PX Hogsheads

Age: NAS

Bottled: 24.9.2020

Strength: 48,6 % abv

Phenol level: approx. 40 ppm

Number of bottles: 3.600

Bottle volume: 0,7 l

Bottle code: SBR 24.09.20 20/118

Market: Germany


Harvest, Stage 1 is the first bottling of the Genesis series launched by the German Kilchoman importer Hanseatische Weinhandelsgesellschaft Bremen in autumn 2020. The concept of the series is to pay tribute to the eight key stages in the production of a Kilchoman whisky (barley harvest, malting, peating, mashing, fermenting, distilling, maturing, bottling) with one release each.

The first bottling of the series is dedicated to the harvest of the barley, i.e. days 1-5. It is a Small Batch release with 70% bourbon, 10% oloroso sherry and 20% PX sherry cask content, i.e. practically the Germany Small Batch No. 2. The basis of the Small Batch series introduced in summer 2019 for selected markets is, to put it simply, a Machir Bay vatting with 46% alcohol, to which another special type of cask is then added. In this case, a Pedro Ximénez Hogsheads, which contained 100% Islay whisky made from the farm’s own barley. This mixing of its two differently peated production lines, completely unusual for Kilchoman (Machir Bay is, after all, made from bought-in Port Ellen malt), was certainly necessary to do justice to the bottling’s theme – the barley harvest.