Kilchoman Sauternes Finish Single Cask 706/2014

Variant for South Africa. Picture by Emile Coetzee

Cask No: 706/2014

Cask type: Ex-Bourbon Barrel, Sauternes Cask Finish

Date Filled: 24.9.2014

Date Bottled: 1.7.2021

Age: 6 yo

Strength: 56,0 % abv

Phenol level: 50 ppm

Number of bottles: 268

Bottle volume: 0,7 l / 0,75 l

Market: Czech Republic, South Africa


Kilchoman occasionally releases bottlings that aren’t intended for a specific country but for smaller markets, where the demand for own single cask bottlings is still too small. So they are delivered in partial quantities to different countries. The bottling mentioned here was delivered to the Czech Republic and to South Africa (in a 0.75 l variant).

The whisky was first matured for over 6 years in a bourbon barrel and was finished for 6 months in a Sauternes wine cask.