Timeline 2007

  • January: Two further stainless steel washbacks were installed. . This brings the total number of washbacks to four, which should enable a further increase in the production of Kilchoman whisky. The washbacks have a maximum filling volume of 6,000 litres and are charged with 5,400 litres of worts each.
Tun Room with 4 washbacks.
  • March: Laura McAffer joined the company as a trainee visitor centre manager. She works alongside Kathy Wills looking after the many visitors to the distillery and visitor centre.
  • May 31st: The highlight of the Kilchoman Open Day at Fèis Ìle 2007 is a lecture by Dr. James Swan on whisky maturation at Warehouse No. 1. Also at Fèis Ile, Kilchoman presents the first bottling from its “MacBeatha” series: a 15-year-old Bowmore whisky with a rum finish (110 bottles, 54.3% abv). Until Kilchoman will be able to launch its own whiskies on the market, the company continues to operate as an independent bottler on a small scale. In addition to cask sales to private individuals, this is another way of financing the distillery’s ongoing operations in the early years.
  • August: 5 Year Old Futures. Following the end of the Private Cask Programme, Kilchoman offers its customers a new opportunity to secure whisky from the distillery at an early stage. With the purchase of Futures, one can secure the purchase of the first 5-year Kilchoman bottling. This will be released in 2011. (The futures were actually redeemed at the end of 2011 with the Vintage 2006 release).