“Villa Konthor” in Limburg becomes first German “Comraich-Bar”

On the eve of the famous “Whisky Fair 2018” in Limburg, the whisky bar “Villa Konthor” was the first German location to be awarded the title of a “Comraich-Bar”. Peter Wills, Marketing and Sales Manager of Kilchoman and the German importer “Alba Import” awarded the title and guided the guests through the evening at a “Kilchoman Comraich Dinner”. In addition to the “Comraich Batch No. 1”, five more Kilchoman whiskies could be tasted, including the new “Port Cask Release 2018” and the new “Loch Gorm 2018”, both of which will not be in the shops until April 26.

Kilchoman is launching a new marketing concept with the “Comraich-Bars”. In selected bars spread around the globe, which are distinguished by a large selection of whisky in general and of course Kilchoman whisky in particular, you will be able to taste the batchwise bottled “Comraich Whisky” exclusively. Kilchoman and the respective importers take great care to ensure that the whisky is only poured there and does not end up on the market. From the first batch, there are 60 bottles for Germany, of which 6 bottles per “Comraich-Bar”, i.e. a maximum of 10 bars in Germany are planned.


Peter Wills (left) and Dietmar Schulz from Alba-Import (right) lead through the successful evening.