New kiln and malt floor completed

Kilchoman proudly announces that the new kiln and malt floor building has been completed. The malt floor, on which barley will be spread for the first time next week, and the new kiln are more than twice the size of their predecessors built in 2005. The new malting floor will allow up to 4 tons of barley to be malt per week, almost doubling the output of 100% Islay distillate. Kilchoman also emphasizes that the new building gives the distillery the flexibility to vary the phenol content of the malt (which was previously around 20 ppm) in the future. These are exciting prospects!

The newly built Kiln building is just the start of a whole series of construction measures over the next two years, which should ultimately lead to a doubling of production. Thus the Still House will be extended and equipped with 2 new stills of identical shape and size and a second Mash Tun. The number of washbacks will also be doubled from 6 to 12. A number of new warehouses will be built to accommodate the significantly increased amount of newly filled casks, and a new and significantly larger visitor centre will be created by converting and extending the former pony stables. We will of course report regularly on about the state of the construction work.


The new Malt Floor from the inside.
The new building.