Two new limited releases: “Loch Gorm 2018 Edition” and “Port Cask Matured 2nd Edition”

The annual limited releases are usually opened by the Sherry Cask release “Loch Gorm”. This year it will be the same again, but at the same time another release will be launched: “Port Cask Matured 2nd Edition”.

For the 2018 “Loch Gorm” edition, 19 Oloroso Sherry Butts from 2007, 2008 and 2011 were married together. This resulted in a yield of 15,000 bottles with an alcohol content of 46% abv.

After the much-praised first Port Cask release in 2014, the 2nd edition is now being released this year. Port Casks are still among the rarest casks at Kilchoman. There has not yet been a Port Single Cask release and the “Port Cask Matured 2nd Edition” is therefore the 2nd Kilchoman Port Cask release ever. For these, 30 Ruby Port Hogsheads were selected, all of which were filled in 2014, i.e. almost 4 years old. These are 1st Fill as well as 2nd Fill Port Hogsheads, i.e. some casks of the 1st edition have been used here again. The edition is 10.00 bottles, filled with an alcohol content of 50% abv.