German importer Alba Import and Kilchoman separate

With effect from 6 April 2020, Alba Import will no longer be the German importer of Kilchoman whisky. As Dietmar Schulz of Alba Import told us, the ideas of how the brand should be represented in Germany in the future and through which distribution channels the Kilchoman whiskies should be placed, had developed considerably apart between the two business partners in recent years. In particular, the focus on the specialist spirits trade by Alba Import was obviously no longer considered by Kilchoman to be sufficient for the desired further increase in sales.

Alba Import had represented the distillery in Germany for 14 years, i.e. practically from the very first days, and had built up the Kilchoman brand in Germany with great commitment. Many Kilchoman fans will certainly remember, for example, the Germany tour organised by Alba Import in October 2019 on the occasion of “10 years of Kilchoman Single Malt in Germany”, where Peter Wills from Kilchoman and Dietmar Schulz from Alba Import performed as a congenial duo and infected the audience with their enthusiasm for Kilchoman.

The whole team of Kilchomania would like to thank Dietmar and Corinna of Alba Import for the great work they have done over the past 14 years, their unparalleled commitment and their passion! Not least because of you we were able to become fans of this whisky!


Dietmar Schulz (Alba Import)