Kilchoman resumed shipping to EU countries

Due to the transport uncertainties associated with the approaching Brexit, the Kilchoman distillery, similar to many other distilleries and British online shops, had suspended shipments to EU countries at the end of last year.
Now, deliveries via the Kilchoman online shop have resumed.
EU citizens can now again purchase exclusive bottlings, tasting packs for online tastings, etc. and look forward to the upcoming Fèis Ìle Whisky Festival, which, due to Corona, will also take place online only this year.
Unfortunately, Kilchoman had to update the delivery costs due to increased charges for processing fees and Brexit surcharges for goods entering the EU. Kilchoman relieves the buyer of all these costs and the paperwork, so that the increased shipping costs can only be described as fair in comparison to what the author of these lines has already experienced this year with whisky deliveries from Great Britain,