Four New LMDW Kilchoman Exclusives

For the upcoming 65th anniversary, the French spirits trader and Kilchoman importer La Maison Du Whisky published a catalogue of exclusive LMDW bottlings of whisky, rum and other spirits under the title “À la Conquête des Origines” (“The Conquest of Origins”), which is really quite amazing in quantity and quality.
Among the numerous spirits bottled exclusively for LMDW are also four new Kilchoman releases. This time LMDW has not bottled experimental cask finishes, but, as the name of the catalogue suggests, goes back to the origins in terms of age and cask selection: there are each a bourbon barrel and a sherry cask from the two Kilchoman production lines: the 100% Islay, i.e. the whisky made from the farm’s own barley and peated at around 20 ppm, and the spirit made from Port Ellen malt at 50 ppm. All four whiskies have a high age by Kilchoman standards, especially the sherry hogshead from 2006 is quite unique here.
A small drop of bitterness is only the LMDW-typical high price of the bottles. In any case, we are already looking forward to tasting these certainly well-matured Kilchomans!

Here is an overview of the 4 bottlings:

  • Kilchoman 14 yo Oloroso Sherry Hogshead 318/2006
    8.11.2006 16.8.2021, 255 bottles, 54,5 %, € 179
  • Kilchoman 13 yo Bourbon Barrel 362/2007
    25.10.2007 – 16.8.2021, 246 bottles, 54,4 %, € 172
  • Kilchoman 10 yo 100% Islay Oloroso Sherry Butt 144/2011
    24.3.2011 – 16.8.2021, 637 bottles, 57, 3%, € 155
  • Kilchoman 9 yo 100% Islay Bourbon Barrel 17/2012
    26.1.2012 – 16.8.2021, 246 bottles, 55,3 %, € 133