Kilchoman Back in Production

Kilchoman announced today that after a few frustrating months – remember, the first seven casks were filled on 14 December 2005 – production has now resumed.

The renewed delay in the start of production was caused by some technical teething troubles. Already at the end of 2005, the company had to deal with countless problems in connecting the equipment, such as undersized pumps, pipes laid at the wrong angle, etc. At the beginning of 2006, the boiler needed for steam generation, which had been bought second-hand, was causing constant problems.

Kilchoman now plans to fill about 10 bourbon barrels per week. The first task is to fill the casks for the people who already participated in the Private Cask Programme in 2005 and had to wait for the filling of their purchased casks since then. As soon as this is done, Kilchoman intends to start allocating casks to those who have signed up for the 2006 cask offer.