Kilchoman Distillery to sponsor Islay Pipe Band

As Islay’s local newspaper Ileach reported yesterday, the Kilchoman distillery has taken over sponsorship of the increasingly successful Islay Pipe Band.

The band’s first major performance under the new deal will be at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow to mark the 150th anniversary of the Islay Gathering. With so many famous Islay pipers hailing from the area between Conisby and Ardnave, it is perhaps fitting that Kilchoman will be the new name on the Islay Pipe Band’s bass drum.

Andrew McEachern, speaking on behalf of the band, told the Ileach:
“We are delighted that Kilchoman have stepped in just as it was looking as if we would enter 2012 with no sponsorship deal. The whole band would like to thank Anthony an Cathy for their support, not only now, but from when the very first bottle of Kilchoman was auctioned for charity, resulting in a very generous donation to the band.
Having had no major sponsor in 2011, finances were tight, securing this sponsorship with Kilchoman will ensure that Islay Pipe Band will compete at all major championships next season. Kilchoman manager John MacLellan, whose son Sandy is a piper, has always been a great supporter of the band. We all look forward to a fruitful partnership in the years ahead.”