Kilchoman Tequila Finish Single Cask 734/2013 for Ewan McIlwraith (Robertsons of Pitlochry)

Picture by Robertsons of Pitlochry

The renowned Scottish whisky and spirits shop Robertsons of Pitlochry today presented a Kilchoman Tequila Finish Single Cask bottling selected by its owner Ewan McIlwraith.

First presented by Kilchoman in spring 2021 following a change in SWA regulations (we reported), the tequila finishes, like the mezcal finishes, are still among the rarest Kilchoman releases. So far, less than ten single cask bottlings of both have been released worldwide.

But back to the whisky. This was matured for over 7 years in a bourbon barrel and then finished for one year in a tequila cask and bottled on 10 January 2022 at an alcohol strength of 54.0%. The 249 bottles cost £89 each. On request, Robertsons also delivers to addresses in the EU.


Cask No.: 734/2013

Cask type: Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, Tequila Cask Finish

Distillation Date: 17.10.2013

Decanting Date: 14.12.2020

Bottling Date: 10.1.2022

Age: 8 yo

Strength: 54,0% abv

Phenol level: 50 ppm

Number of bottles: 249

Bottle volume: 0,7 l

Market: UK