Tasting Notes: Single Bourbon Cask No. 10/2009 – Celebrating 10 years of Kilchoman Single Malt in Germany

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the release of the first Kilchoman single malt whisky in Germany, the German Kilchoman importer “Alba Import” had organised a series of tastings with Peter Wills in six German cities (we reported).
To mark this anniversary, a special single cask bottling was also launched, the “Bourbon Matured Single Cask No. 10/2009 – Celebrating 10 years of Kilchoman Single Malt in Germany”. Distilled on 15.1.2009 and bottled on 23.9.2019, the whisky was stored for over 10 years in a Refill-Ex-Bourbon Barrel.

After we had already tasted the whisky briefly during the tour in autumn 2019, it was finally time for a detailed tasting:

Restrained warm peat smoke, warm compote of blackberries and wild berries, lemon, warm custard, brown sugar. No aroma comes to the fore here, everything is very finely coordinated and with a subtle appearance. It looks older than 10 years. Nori leaves, white pepper, with time the smoke component becomes more phenolic. Warmed brownie with a dark chocolate filling.

Strong, yet soft in a sense. With its immediately recognizable balance, it provides a reflection of the nose on the tongue. Warm smoke, only slightly dry. Berries, lemon, almonds and marzipan. Sunlit tar cardboard, algae, subtly Wadden Sea. Café au lait, nougat, milk chocolate, caramel candy.

Long and intensely aromatic. Dryness occurs in moderation without dominating the finish. Tasty peat smoke with berry compote, lemon zest, milk chocolate.

Tasting in peace, he reveals his full potential. Wonderfully soft and aromatic, looks much older than 10 years.