Fèis Ìle Release 2021 and Tasting Packs announced

Like last year, the Islay Festival Fèis Ìle can only be held online this year due to the Corona pandemic. Kilchoman plans for this again a variety of events about which will be informed in detail in the coming days. Today, this year’s Fèis Ìle special bottling and the tasting packs for the three online tastings planned on Kilchoman Day, June 3, have already been announced.

The Fèis Ìle Release 2021 is a vatting of eight 100% Islay casks, two Oloroso Sherry Butts from 2011 and six Bourbon Barrels filled in 2012. The casks were filled with 20ppm 100% Islay spirit, distilled from Optic and Publican barley varieties, harvested at Kilchoman in 2010 and 2011.

The casks yielded 2,832 bottles, bottled at cask strength of 56.3% abv.

“As you might know, I am partial to marrying bourbon and sherry casks, I feel these two cask types allow me to increase complexity without losing depth of character. The bourbon barrels I’ve selected give a solid structure to the dram that allow for a balance of maritime Islay flavours and the natural citrus sweetness of our spirit to shine through. The two oloroso sherry butts I chose add depth and richness to the whisky, I’ve had an eye on these casks for a while and they’ve now reached their peak”
“I am delighted with this year’s Feis release and while I’m sad we won’t be sharing a dram in person we invite you to join us online for the next best thing”. Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD

Limited to one bottle per person, the bottles will be available online on the Kilchoman homepage from 2 p.m. UK time on April 21. The price is £83.30 plus VAT and shipping.


On the same day, it will also be possible to purchase the Tasting Packs for the three online tastings scheduled during Fèis Ìle:

Kilchoman DNA – Live Tasting Pack – £16,66 + VAT
(Cask Strength Machir Bay, Cask Strength Sanaig, Loch Gorm 2021, 100% Islay 2021 Preview, Kilchoman Tasting Glas)


Through the Ages – Live Tasting Pack – £20,80 + VAT
(New Make Spirit, Cask Sample 04/2006, Cask Sample 203/2011, Cask Sample 645/2016, Kilchoman Tasting Glas)


Experimental Casks – Live Tasting Pack – £20,80 + VAT
(Cognac Cask 737/2016, Calvados Cask 356/2018, STR Cask 207/2018, Port Cask 480/2014 , Kilchoman Tasting Glas)


A really interesting selection that Kilchoman offers here in all three tasting packs!
After last year’s Christmas edition of a cask strength Machir Bay, there were repeated requests for a cask strength Sanaig at the Kilchoman online tastings. In the Kilchoman DNA – Tasting Pack you can now taste a sample of it. The Through the Ages Tasting (scheduled for 6 pm on June 3) is likely to attract a lot of interest, especially because of the sample from cask no. 04/2006. This is one of the very first casks filled by Kilchoman and the first opportunity to taste a 15-year-old Kilchoman whisky. For the makers of the Kilchomania site it is also interesting because we own cask no. 05/2006, which we plan to bottle in 2021. So it’s a good opportunity for an interesting comparison!