Timeline 2009

  • May: at the Islay Whisky Festival, Anthony Wills auctions for charity a single bottle of whisky taken from the first cask bottled in 2005. (Distilled on 14.12.2005, bottled on 22.5.2009, 60,7 %) The collector and Kilchoman shareholder Nils Ladefoged auctioned it for 5400 pounds.
  • September 9th: with the “Kilchoman Inaugural Release”, the first Kilchoman whisky is released. It was first matured for 3 years in fresh ex-bourbon barrels and then finished for 5 months in Oloroso Sherry Butts. Like all future Kilchoman whiskies, it has not been coloured and not been cool filtered. The circulation is 8,450 bottles.
    On this day, Anthony Wills invited to the “Inaugural Single Malt Launch Party” and celebrated the release of the first Kilchoman whisky with many whisky celebrities (including the managers of the other Islay distilleries).
  • Autumn: with the “Autumn 2009 Release” the 2nd edition of a Kilchoman whisky is released. Until the beginning of 2011, new editions will follow every quarter. This time it is a whisky that was first matured in fresh ex-Bourbon barrels for 3 years before being finished in Oloroso Sherry Butts for two and a half months. The circulation is 10.000 bottles.