Two new Kilchoman Releases by The Nectar

The Belgian Kilchoman importer The Nectar has just released two new Kilchoman single cask bottlings. Both are 100% islay releases, i.e. whiskies made from Kilchoman’s own farm-grown barley “from barley to bottle”. The cask 426/2013 has been matured for 7 years in a Bourbon barrel, the second one is a 5 year old PX Sherry full maturation in cask no. 318/2015. Both bottlings offer interesting comparisons to recently released sister casks.

The cask 425/2013 was offered in early summer 2020 via the Kilchoman online shop, the cask 427/2013 was part of the Uniquely Islay series for the German market.

It was only at the beginning of the year that Kilchoman first launched a whisky aged in the PX Sherry Hogshead and not just PX-finished, the edition for The Nectar is only the 4th Kilchoman edition in the world with this ageing method. A comparison can be made here with the sister casks 317/2015, 319/2015 and 324/2015.