Uniquely Islay Series – An Samhradh 2023 released

The German Kilchoman importer Hanseatische Weinhandelsgesellschaft Bremen has now released Uniquely Islay – An Samhradh 2023, the sixth edition of the Kilchoman series distributed exclusively in Germany, following Uniquely Islay – An t-Earrach 2020, Uniquely Islay – An Geamhradh 2020, Uniquely Islay – An Samhradh 2021, Uniquely Islay – An t-Earrach 2022 and Uniquely Islay – An Geamhradh 2022.

After the Uniquely Islay Series – An Geamhradh 2022, which appeared somewhat belatedly in the spring of 2023, featured “only” five bottlings, they are returning to the old orders of magnitude with An Samhradh 2023, which comprises ten different releases.

Kilchoman lovers can once again expect a colourful mix of different cask types, ages and peating levels, another nice opportunity to trace the maturation of the Kilchoman distillate in so many different individual casks.



This time, the Champagne Blanc de Blancs finish is sure to attract the most interest, as it is one of the world’s first Kilchoman bottlings of this cask type.
Kilchoman bottlings from Armagnac casks are also still rare, but with the 100% Islay Armagnac Double Cask Finish represented here, the maturation of the less peated 100% Islay distillate in this cask type is now presented for the first time.

The two differently aged Sauternes Cask Finish bottlings and, of course, the Bourbon Single Casks invite direct comparison.

Here are the details of the individual bottles: